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How much does the donuts cost?. Do they have jelly donuts, custard donuts and bavarian cream filled donuts?.

I believe it's around $7.50 for a dozen donuts.

Do they make pastries or just donuts

They don't only make donuts but they make cookies,cupcakes,and brownies!

Any one know what time jim's donuts are open Christmas eve? We want fresh donuts for Christmas morning.

Until 5pm/or out

Does Jim’s Doughnut Shop take Debit Cards?

Yes they do. There is a .50 fee.

Can I place an order in advance for pick up? Do they have cinnamon rolls and cookies?

Yes you can call ahead and yes they have cinnamon rolls and cookies

Are they open yet

I need a Jim’s Donut Fix!!!

What time do fresh donuts roll out

Not sure but everytime I've been there they are fresh

Do they make sugar free donuts for diabetics?

Call and ask - good luck!

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